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Why you should pursue MBA after B.Com?

By admin | Last Updated Jan, 2023

Why you should pursue MBA after B.Com

Why you should do MBA after B.Com?

Studying commerce is a wise choice because it focuses on the essential elements needed to operate a successful company. Graduates in commerce are given the opportunity to master the competencies that will eventually be needed in leadership roles. Because they are exposed to the firm from its early beginnings, graduates in the field of commerce have superior adaptability.

Graduates in commerce are given the opportunity to improve their mathematics and financial knowledge. The commerce students are particularly skilled at manipulating numbers. This enables them to deal with the data and facilitates more efficient decision-making. A B.Com followed by an MBA becomes a very appealing career choice for the students.

Because they provide higher work chances, MBA programmes are a popular choice for students. Due to their skill sets, MBA graduates earn significant salaries and are sought after. An MBA is an advanced marketing degree, and those who have earned one are given precedence when applying for leadership roles.

Why an MBA after a B.Com. will be the main topic of this post. It might be a wise choice for you!

Best reasons to do MBA after B.Com

Exponential Learning

You can learn the fundamentals of corporate strategy, economics, finance, sales, and accountancy, among many other relevant courses, with a B.Com degree. Your readiness for employment in a variety of industries, including advertising, law, banking and insurance, accounting, etc., depends on your knowledge of these subjects. Now that you have studied business at the Bachelor level, understanding the MBA curriculum is simple for you.

You are supposed to learn how to use business and management ideas in your chosen field via an MBA. The approach is carefully calibrated to provide pupils the ability to think critically and make decisions. Additionally, creative teaching strategies are used to improve the students’ business acumen. Pursuing an MBA can provide you some time to consider your alternatives and increase your trust if you are unsure about starting your career right after graduation.

The MBA and business school curricula are similar. Finance, accounting, and other areas are covered in commerce. The MBA graduates place a strong emphasis on teaching skills such as corporate decision-making, accounting, marketing, and finance. Because their basis is established in the undergraduate degree, students with a business-related background have an easier time understanding the principles.

As a result of their increased study, business students have an edge because they understand the concepts more broadly. This enables students to develop more abilities, including problem-solving and decision-making, and to become responsible with money.

Higher Salary Options

Your predicted income is greatly increased by earning an MBA. You might not get very competitive starting pay if you only have a B.Com. when you enter the work market. With a master’s degree, though, you can increase your expected salary and bargain for a much better pay grade. As more and more businesses aim to acquire MBA personnel, the typical base salary of business school graduates has seen an increasing trend worldwide in recent years.

The need for MBA graduates is increasing. The salaries of MBA graduates are higher when they begin their professions, and with the correct skill set, they have good possibilities for advancement into leadership roles.

There are many recruiters on the market who offer MBA graduates great incomes and favourable treatment from employers.

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Why Studying MBA Degree course ?

Specialized Learning

The B.Com degree is a broad Bachlor degree without any specialisations, although earning an MBA after earning a B.Com can help you get additional domain-specific knowledge. A B.Com degree gives you a comprehensive understanding of business and finance, whereas an MBA concentrates on specialised expertise. Conventional expertise in marketing, corporate finance, HR management, and international business are among them.

You might also be interested in more recent MBA specialisations in IT/Systems, HM, operations management, supply chains, luxury brand management, etc. Therefore, choosing an MBA can help you gain knowledge about many specialisations so that you can concentrate on your particular profession.

Generates Leadership Abilities

A recognised and extremely trustworthy degree with industry acceptance is an MBA. As a result, many companies only employ MBA holders for managerial and leadership positions. Owing to their Degree in business knowledge and expertise, individuals with a degree in business administration from reputable B-Schools are regarded as suitable for the financial industry.

Your freshly honed intellectual, technical, decision-making, and communication skills, as well as your capacity for strategy development and problem-solving, are essential in practically every field of employment. These can help you launch a new company endeavour, advance in your present organisation, or become a corporate management.

Very easy to understand curriculum

A B.Com degree will teach you the fundamentals of marketing, economics, business planning, and many other relevant topics. It is therefore easier for you to ease into the MBA education program if you focused on these subjects during your bachelor degree. Your ability to use business planning and management ideas will be demonstrated by an MBA. The teaching strategy is skillfully created with analytical and critical thinking skills. MBA is the ideal option if you wish to complete a master’s degree following graduation.

Prepare you for business

Starting a firm necessitates a thorough understanding of how to manage all operations in accordance with industry norms. An MBA gives you the ability to start your entrepreneurial adventure with an aerial view of the market, even if you are unsure about launching a business right after receiving your B.Com. You can expand your network and make the business run more efficiently if you have an MBA. Additionally, you can engage with people from diverse background and study about them in order to develop your business.

Overall Personality Development

B-schools conduct training on in-demand skillsets because MBA programmes are specifically created to meet business demands. Project planning, portfolio management, business analytics, financial modelling, effective communication, Microsoft Excel, and other courses are among the most well-liked ones. Along with expanding your technical knowledge, you also have many opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds, which helps you develop your teamwork and collaboration skills.


An MBA has various benefits, from giving you a better knowledge of the business environment to supporting your personal and professional development. But it also comes with a number of financial and non-financial drawbacks that you shouldn’t ignore.

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