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Why Studying MBA Degree course ?

By admin | Last Updated Nov, 2022

Why Studying MBA Degree Course

Why Studying for an MBA Degree course can be the best decision of your life?

Every school graduate needs to make a huge choice. A choice that could shape their entire life. A choice of their respected career field. What do they wanna be in the next 5 or 7 years? For some, it may not be such a huge factor but for many, this is a massive choice to make. With so much competition in everything including professional courses, finding a perfect postgraduate program for you is not exactly a piece of cake.

Although, if you are business-minded and want to do something in business or become an entrepreneur, you should most definitely go with an MBA program. Even though MBA is gonna be a big financial investment, given all the competition in the business world and the advantages it can give you, we still think it’s the best choice for you.

If done the right way and from the right institute, MBA can give you all that you want and much more. High salary, top-notch designation, a kickass network, etc. In this article, we are just going to talk about the top reasons to start Why Studying MBA Degree course? and why it can be the best decision of your life?

Incomparable management and administration skills

Most of the volunteers who enroll for an MBA are carrying at least experience of 2 years. Sometimes senior employees also apply if they feel their job is challenging or they just want to grow their managerial skills. MBA helps you keep your company up there with the big boys of the game. MBA courses can vary according to the chosen specializations but you will surely develop the following expertise:

  1. It improves your leadership capabilities
  2. Helps you to create a large network of people thus bagging more business opportunities
  3. Enhance your abilities and skills to sell products/services
  4. Prepare you to deal with financial technicalities
  5. Helps you to arrange and interpret data charts from various industry counterparts
  6. Maintain Employer-Employee status and relationships regularly
  7. Picking up the best new hires with enormous potential
  8. Help your company touch monopoly status

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Why is MBA so expensive?

MBA is among the most costly professional courses out there. To some, it may seem overwhelming, but those who know the true potential of an MBA in the right specialization know the priceless value it holds. 3 factors hold the value of an MBA. The faculty, infrastructure, and the difference between the value and the cost of an MBA.

Great business colleges are run by the heavyweights of this industry. They can be termed as super faculty. The better college you opt for, the much better would be the faculty and thus the more expensive the MBA would be. The administration and faculty would play the premier role in shaping your MBA ambitions into reality. Also, all the top B-schools are equipped with state-of-the-art, world-class infrastructure. The expense of making top MBA schools look great too is quite high, which ultimately adds to the MBA cost.

Last but not least, the value that MBA holds. The value of an MBA is much greater than the cost of an MBA that you pay. Without investment, there is no guaranteed growth in value. An MBA could turn your life upside down in a matter of years. It could earn you way more than what it initially cost.

MBA has High Salary Potential

What is the salary of an MBA? The salary of an MBA graduate is remarkably good. It is quite higher than the individuals with other professional degrees on their hands, as per reports. The compensation paid to MBA degree holders can be far greater than that of those who hold any ordinary professional degree. The average salary of MBA graduates is more than INR 25 LPA. The highest salary could go in seven figures. Easily, one of the most promising upscale courses out there.

Career opportunities in New Horizon

Most MBA colleges offer many specializations. These specializations are diverse in nature and provide a bigger playground for MBA graduates to focus on. Specializations like HR, Economics, International Business, Finance, etc opens up doors for MBA graduates to work in various sectors of business as well as private sectors. The graduates have the option to choose which way their career should go and direct toward it. It helps develop the mindset and provides them with the opportunities to become the best in their respective fields.

Grow your business network on a whole new scale

What is the single most important thing that helps businesses turn from startups to a unicorn? Its network. The network is everything. MBA most definitely helps you grow your network. During your MBA course, you will interact with your colleagues, professors, business people of old skool, other associates that you will come across from different backgrounds, and the list goes on. You will delve deeper into the understanding of business fundamentals today. Out of these people, many would be a huge success in the future. Some of them could be your future partners or have good credit to recommend you for other managerial posts or something. You will find new places for internships, that place could be the one hiring you. Once you are in, you’re in. That’s how MBA works, like plain magic. The network will be guaranteed to help you in the future.

MBA courses are flexible

Yes, MBA courses are super flexible these days. Given most of the MBA aspirants are working jobs, new schedules have been devised to make them eligible to pursue MBA. MBA offers variations like online courses (one of the most popular MBA these days). Where one can attend classes via online mode. The evening classes are also introduced for the working class so that they don’t have to compromise with their jobs. Weekend classes help those who are busy throughout the weekdays. These facilities help students to work and study in a hassle-free environment and keep their jobs as well.

Global Exposure and Credibility

In modern times, you cannot restrict your presence to the local market. Specialization in MBA puts global exposure on you. An MBA graduate is certified in all the core segments of a specialization. And while other degrees may not hold greater accountability globally, MBA is recognized everywhere in the entire world. It is highly compatible and can help you pursue careers in other fields as well.

Also, MBA holds its own credibility. MBA makes you eligible to work with higher organizations and businessmen without getting perplexed. The ones conducting business with MBA graduates also feel more comfortable and inclined than someone without an MBA degree. MBA is basically an indication of your proficiency in your work. It shows your dedication to your industry and makes your clients and partners trust you.

A chance to learn the secrets of business and expand the database

There is a greater chance for you to learn something business-oriented every day and expand your knowledge. An MBA graduate will be able to identify and analyze the operational process behind a system subconsciously while those who do not hold an MBA degree could easily be baffled by the complexity of suddenly made business decisions. MBA graduates would relate to it as they have learned how to. How businesses work, how they rise, how they fall, the thought process, literally every in-depth angle would be relatable to them.

Enhanced Interpersonal Skills and Enhanced Overall Development

MBA will change your mindset. It will trigger your inner instinct to succeed. If you don’t feel like a new person walking out after your MBA, you must be doing it wrong. You will have a new outlook on business and life itself. The different skills and secrets that you learn during MBA, will help you survive the ruthless corporate industry which runs by the motto of “Survival of the fittest”. Most importantly, it will change your perception of life and push you to be your better self.

If you are entering the world of business, it goes without saying that you would need exceptional communication skills. Just imagine how good you would be if you have a serious interacting, persuading, manipulating yet a very genuine way of talking. An MBA program would help you with your speech too. There is no second to communication skills in this area or any in particular.

Salary of an MBA

What is the starting salary for an MBA graduate?

The starting salary of an MBA depends on the company itself. It could range anywhere from INR 8 to 12 LPA. It also depends upon your college/institute. Better colleges attract better companies to their campus placement selection. Your performance at the placement tests and interview will also determine the starting salary you would get. One most common question among MBA enthusiasts is how does MBA increase salary? The answer is really simple. You have to climb up the ladders quickly to hike up your salary. Your previous work record, accomplishments, and your experience with your employers decide your salary.

Who earns more CA or MBA?

It’s not a competition but it surely catches attention as both are considered high-paying professional courses. Who earns more? There is no solid answer to it. CA being an inexpensive course in itself is a great career-boosting option. The top rankers in CA command a higher salary as they work in the top companies. While in MBA, it all depends on the company and the job description. There is no bound to how much an MBA graduate can earn? It can go up to 7 figures if the individual is really talented and accomplished and the company is huge. Safe to say, MBA gets an edge over here.

What are the jobs after MBA?

Given MBA is a very dynamic field, it presents countless opportunities. There are so many job profiles you can work at after obtaining your MBA degree. You can find work in accordance with your specialization. You can work as a marketing manager, management consultant, investment banker, business analyst, financial advisor. There are just so many job profiles to work at. You have to find a suitable one for yourself. The one where you see yourself for the next couple of years. One with the promise of sustainability and growth.