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Top MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh

By admin | Last Updated Nov, 2022

Top MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh

Best MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in the area of education. With time, this country is rising in popularity as one of the main barriers for medical students seeking MBBS degrees abroad. 

One of the most popular places for medical students is Bangladesh for MBBS. In Bangladesh, there are more than 50 private and more than 20 public medical colleges. Due to its affordable costs and high educational standards, Bangladesh is preferred by the great majority of Indian medical students to complete their MBBS.

Around 25% of the seats in medical colleges in Bangladesh are reserved for Indian students. Additionally, if the medical rival hails from a SAARC nation, the understudy is exempt from paying for their studies.

Since English is the primary language of instruction for MBBS courses in Bangladesh, clinical applicants do not need to do any language preparation. The best reason to focus on MBBS in Bangladesh is that NMC and WHO fund the country’s top medical schools.

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In this article, we will talk about some of the best MBBS colleges in Bangladesh.

Top 10 MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh

The best Private MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh for Indian students are:

  • Dhaka National Medical College
  • Marine City Medical College
  • Green Life Medical College and Hospital
  • Eastern Medical College and Hospital
  • BGC Trust Medical College
  • Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College
  • Bangladesh Medical College
  • Southern Medical College and Hospital
  • Diabetics Association Medical College
  • Tairunnessa Memorial Medical College

There are also some dedicated girls medical colleges in Bangladesh offering superior quality of medical education, especially MBBS to the girl students. We have mentioned some of them down below:

  • Kumudini Women’s Medical College
  • Medical College For Women and Hospital, Dhaka
  • Sylhet Women’s Medical College Hospital

Let’s discuss some of the best MBBS colleges in Bangladesh

Marine City Medical College:

Private Marine City Medical College is located in Bayazid Bostami, Chittagong, Bangladesh. The government of Bangladesh MCI and Chittagong Medical University are partners of this prestigious institution.  A 5-year MBBS program is provided by “Marine City Medical College” and is approved by BMDC, MCI, and WHO. Marine City Medical College’s recruiting agent is Fortune Education (MCMC).

Southern Medical College:

In order to offer the state a collection of outstanding clinical alumni, Southern Medical College and Hospital (SMCH) was founded in 2005. East Nasirabad, Khulshi, Chattagram is where Southern Medical College is located in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council views this clinical school, a division of the University of Chittagong (BM&DC).

Diabetics Association Medical College:

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has approved the reorganization of the Diabetic Association Medical College, which has a partnership with the University of Dhaka. On November 15, 2009, the Diabetic Association Medical College in Faridpur officially opened its doors to students enrolled in the 2009–2010 academic year.

BGC Trust Medical College:

In 2002, the BGC Trust Medical College in Chattogram, Bangladesh, was founded. Chattogram Medical University and Chattagram University are partners with the College. Its academic activities have the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. An exceptionally talented, dynamic, and productive faculty exists at this medical college. with the AC Hostel on-campus.

Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College:

The Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College set out on its journey in the 1999–2000 academic year. It is affiliated with the University of Dhaka. The Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College and Hospital is located at 1, Eskaton Garden Road, Dhaka-1000, in the center of the city, in a calm and beautiful environment.

Sylhet Women’s Medical College:

Sylhet Women’s Medical College was founded in 2005 and is a private medical school in Bangladesh that only accepts female students. The first private women’s medical college in Sylhet and Chittagong Division is Sylhet Women’s Medical College. The best medical school, the largest hospital with a high patient flow, and the modern, green campus in the center of Sylhet Divisional City are all close.

Why Should You Choose Pursuing MBBS in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh has made significant progress in the area of education. With time, the nation is rising in popularity among medical students looking to get their MBBS abroad from all over the world. The following are some factors that make obtaining an MBBS degree from Bangladesh a wise decision for foreign students:

  • Bangladesh offers MBBS degrees at a very reasonable price as compared to other nations throughout the world.
  • Bangladesh’s educational standards are quite impressive and on a level with those of other developed nations.
  • Best medical colleges in Bangladesh provide top-notch instruction and knowledgeable faculty.
  • The accommodation options provided by the medical colleges are of the finest quality, with all the necessary amenities, and they are also quite reasonably priced.
  • Admission to medical universities in Bangladesh is not subject to an entrance exam or a donation.
  • The hospitals are well-equipped with cutting-edge equipment and technology.
  • Some of the greatest hospitals and biggest corporations in the world offer internship opportunities to Bangladeshi medical college students.

What are some of the Top Advantages/Benefits of MBBS in Bangladesh?

  • The WHO and UNESCO recognize and acknowledge the MBBS degree earned from a Bangladesh medical university.
  • Since there is no entrance exam requirement, the admissions procedure is more quicker and simpler.
  • There are no hidden fees or donations necessary to get accepted into a medical college in Bangladesh.
  • Students considering enrolling in medical school in Bangladesh have the opportunity to work temporarily for some of the world’s best international organizations and hospitals.
  • Comparable to other industrialized nations, the campus, curriculum, and accommodation are of excellent quality.

Eligibility Criteria for the Best MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh

  • A valid Indian passport should be available for both the candidate and his or her parents or guardians. When applying without a passport, please apply for a passport for Bangladesh. 
  • Candidates must have finished their 12th education and achieved at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and English as the main subject for General and OBC candidates and 40% for Reserved candidates. There shouldn’t be a gap of more than a year. If a student chooses to apply, he or she must have passed the 12th grade in either the 2019 year batch or the current 2020 batch. Only students with a 2019 or 2020 passing certificate may apply.
  • Candidates must have achieved a minimum 60% on the NEET.
  • All certifications and documentation must be in their original form for candidates.
  • Candidates must be at least 17 years old and no older than 25 on December 31 of the admissions year.

Admission Process for MBBS Colleges in Bangladesh

The steps in Bangladesh’s step-by-step admissions process are as follows.

  • Visit the official university website of the institution of your choosing.
  • Before the deadline for form submission, complete the application.
  • Send the Xerox copies of all relevant documents, including your passport, academic transcripts, and other paperwork.
  • The university will send you an admissions letter if you are qualified.
  • Proceed with the migration process after obtaining the Admission Letter.
  • Request a visa.
  • Within 6 to 8 weeks, you will receive your visa.

Are there any disadvantages of studying MBBS in Bangladesh?

There aren’t many drawbacks to studying medicine in Bangladesh, to be honest. If certain difficulties can be overcome. There are a few detriments that can be noted during studying:

  • When speaking with patients who are local, you could run across certain language-related problems.
  • Because Bangladesh is the most closely related country to India and most things there are comparable, you might not experience an international lifestyle as in Europe or other Asian nations.


For applicants who are unable to secure a medical seat in Indian medical colleges, Bangladesh is another excellent choice. Bangladesh, which is the nearest nation to India, uses the MCI curriculum to educate MBBS in its medical colleges. If you are a medical aspirant and wish to pursue MBBS but have a limited pocket, then you could think about moving to Bangladesh for MBBS. The course here is affordable and with recent curriculum. To know more about the MBBS colleges in Bangladesh, go through our article. Share this article, if you find it helpful.