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Top BAMS Colleges in Dehradun

By admin | Last Updated Oct, 2022

Top BAMS Colleges in Dehradun

Top BAMS Colleges in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

A bachelor’s degree in the discipline of Ayurveda is known as the Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery, or BAMS. The BAMS curriculum lasts 5.5 years, with the last year serving as a required internship year.

The finest BAMS colleges in Dehradun provide a wide range of specializations, including Kayachikitsa, Charak Samhita, Agad Tantra, Sharir Kriya, Rasa Shastra, Shallya Tantra, and many others. Candidates may apply to BAMS colleges if they have completed their class 12th grade with at least 50% in the science stream.

Candidates must take entrance tests like NEET in order to be considered for admission to the best BAMS colleges in Dehradun. Based on their merit ratings, some universities give students direct admission.

BAMS provides students with employment options not just in India but also internationally. Holders of BAMS degrees can find employment as ayurvedic physicians, medical representatives, ayurvedic researchers, pharmacists, scientists, and a variety of other occupations.

Down below is the list of the tops BAMS Colleges in Dehradun:

List of the top BAMS Colleges in Dehradun

  • Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Ayurveda and Hospital
  • Uttarakhand Ayurved University
  • Doon Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Beehive Medical College of Ayurveda and Hospital
  • Himalayan University
  • University of Patanjali

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions

The Dev Bhoomi Medical College of Ayurveda and Hospital (DBMCAH), which was founded in 2017, is an organization committed to improving human quality of life by offering the best possible Ayurvedic education, medical treatment, and research.

The institution, which ranks as one of the top Ayurvedic Colleges in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, seeks to produce experts who can aid in raising public awareness of the benefits of Ayurveda in the treatment, prevention, and advancement of health on a global scale.

The Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS), the Diploma in Panchkarma, the Diploma in Ayurvedic Nursing, and the Diploma in Ayurvedic Pharmacy are among the undergraduate and diploma programs offered at DBMCAH.

In order to prepare students to become future Ayurvedic doctors and practitioners who can comprehend people on a holistic level—physically, emotionally, and spiritually—the courses offer students both substantial practical training and well-balanced academic information.

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Uttarakhand Ayurved University

The Uttarakhand Ayurved University Act of 2009 authorized the establishment of the Uttarakhand Ayurved University, or UAU, in Dehradun. The university wants to improve how well knowledge is received in a culture that is changing quickly.

Online applications for admission to the Uttarakhand Ayurved University in Dehradun are encouraged. It provides BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, MD, MS, and PhD courses. The development of herbal medicines, which have a sizable market and are developing at a rate of 15% annually, has dominated Ayurvedic research.

Hostels for both boys and girls are available at Uttarakhand Ayurved University in addition to the campus structures and other necessary facilities.

Doon Institute of Medical Sciences

The course seeks to provide a foundational education in Ayurveda that leads to the B.A.M.S. degree. It aims to prepare graduates with a strong background in the science of Ayurveda who possess a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the many branches of the science, supported by substantial practical training.

It is accredited by CCIM and associated with Uttarakhand Ayurveda University. Graduates of BAMS programs can work effectively as educators, researchers, and skilled surgeons and Ayurvedic doctors (Kayachikitsaka and Shalyachikitsaka), each of whom can make a small contribution to the nation’s medical and health services.

An integrated medical degree from India is called a Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS). Students who studied both conventional Ayurveda and contemporary medicine are awarded this degree program.

Its purpose is to be a leading medical and healthcare institution by training morally upright medical practitioners. Their vision is to establish a sustainable healthcare system, world-class quality services, and model healthcare systems.

Beehive Medical College Ayurveda & Hospital

The Beehive Medical College Ayurveda & Hospital in Dehradun, which is associated with the Uttarakhand Ayurved University, is exceptional and has emerged as a hub for professionally oriented training, education, research, and consulting in Ayurveda. Beehive offers an undergraduate BAMS course in the discipline of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery.

Modern anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostic techniques, principles of medicine, preventive and social medicine, pharmacology, toxicology, forensic medicine, ENT, gynaecology & obstetrics, ophthalmology, principles of surgery, etc. are studied and taught in the curriculum along with corresponding Ayurvedic subjects like Rachana Sharira, Kriya Sharira, Dravyuaguna, Svasthavritta and Yoga

Himalayan University

Himalayan University offers a bachelor’s course in the field of Ayurveda and Medical Sciences.  This university is recognized by the Government of Uttarakhand. A group of eminent professionals and educators founded the university. Future ayurvedic practitioners who are devoted, faithful, truthful, orderly, technically proficient, and have a strong moral character are what the institution seeks to produce.

The university’s programs are centred on the needs of the students and give them the academic knowledge and practical skills that business and industry want. The university also provides graduate, postgraduate, diploma, certificate, and postgraduate degrees in a range of subject areas.

The institution, which has 10.5 acres of land, is flanked by reserve forest on one side and agricultural fields and a watercourse on the other, giving it the perfect location for academic pursuits.

Patanjali Ayurved College, Haridwar

The Uttarakhand Ayurved University is associated with Patanjali Ayurved College, which was founded in 2006 by the Divya Yoga Mandir Trust. Uttarakhand, it is a private medical institution. The BAMS Ayurvedic Bachelor program is their most well-known course. The undergraduate program lasts for four years.

Students that are interested must have received a 50% or higher overall grade in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their 12th-grade year.

Based on their merit ratings, the candidates who pass the admission exam are subsequently contacted for counselling. The standard fees range from 20,000 to 2,000 Indian Rupees.

Graduates of BAMS programs can find employment in a variety of fields, including healthcare, education, the life sciences, healthcare IT, insurance, hospitals, the pharmaceutical business, and many more.


Dehradun is known as an educational hub since it imparts exceptional education in various fields of discipline. There are many medical and Ayurved colleges in Dehradun which we have mentioned above. If you want to learn more about these institutions, you may visit their official website or you can let us know in the comments section. We will try to help you ASAP!