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Top 10 Science Colleges in Uttarakhand

By admin | Last Updated Dec, 2021

Top 10 Science Colleges in Uttarakhand

Best science stream colleges

Science is one of a kind subject. It promises a bright future and there is so much unexplored yet to be explored. That’s why a large scale of science students pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the Science stream. B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) course specifically is designed to equip students with the necessary practical and multidisciplinary knowledge.

This is one of the most popular academic courses after the 12th. The minimum requirement asks you to be a 12th graduate in any stream to be eligible to enroll. This degree is generally 3 years long. If you have strong mathematical and scientific skills, this degree could give you a platform. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best science colleges in Uttarakhand.

Beehive College Dehradun

Situated in Dehradun, Beehive college is one of the best technical education colleges in Dehradun. It is affiliated with Uttarakhand Technical University and is considered the best science college in Dehradun. They offer both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Science. This institute has one of the best facilities and is recommended by the graduated students themselves.

They have world-class teaching faculty who are proficient in cultivating students into highly efficient science experts. Beehive College offers many campus facilities such as Canteen, Hospital, Library, Medical facilities, hi-tech laboratories, etc. One of the best parts of studying in this institution is that they have remarkable placement records.

Average Total Fees (1st year) – INR 41,000

BFIT Group of Institutions Dehradun

BFIT is another major Institution in Dehradun. And while numerous other institutes are offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Science, BFIT is known for offering the most specializations in the B.Sc discipline. Their curriculum includes practical and theoretical knowledge in your chosen specialization, basically laying a pathway for your further studies.

They offer full alumni support and state-of-the-art infrastructure. They invite the experts of the industry to their campus to enlighten and motivate students. There are several carnivals organized on the college campus so that to encourage extracurricular stuff among students. Students get several opportunities for research work and numerous job opportunities as well. It is situated at Sudhowala, Dehradun among the lush green surroundings of the Garhwal Himalayas.

Total Fees (Overall) – INR 2,14,000

Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions Dehradun

Popularly known as DBIT, Dev Bhoomi college is a pioneer when it comes to delivering excellence in technical education in Dehradun. They also offer B.Sc in many specializations but their most best and highly acknowledged one is B.Sc in IT. It prepares students by combining the basic academic knowledge with the latest technological trends in the IT world to prepare highly skilled IT technicians.

It is a 3 year-long course with 6 semesters. This college has made a reputation as one of the best because of its high academic values and accountability. This college is situated at Manduwala, Chakrata Road, Dehradun, and has one of the most attractive campuses in Dehradun. With super qualified tutors, fully accessible classrooms, hi-tech labs, and other over-the-top facilities, DBIT has cemented its spot as one of the top science colleges in Uttarakhand.

Total Fees (1st year) – INR 45,000

DAV PG College Dehradun

DAV PG College is one of the oldest and most prolific colleges in Dehradun. It is one of the government-aided colleges and is likely the most affordable one. With so many courses, DAV is the first choice of most of the fresh graduates from school, because it is affordable and the quality of education is quite good. They have appointed many remarkable and highly educated faculty members.

The process of admission is also quite simple. The campus of DAV college is humongous and with a suitable environment for studying. Although they don’t offer many facilities, make no mistake, the faculty of this college leaves no stones unturned in providing the most quality education. That’s why DAV is still one of the first choices of most students before opting for college.

Total Fees (1st year) – INR 1,702

Graphic Era University, Dehradun

Graphic Era Deemed to be University is the frontrunner educators in the state of Uttarakhand. GEU also offers Bachelor’s course in Science in many specializations. They use a fundamental understanding of principles and practical knowledge of implementation to educate their students. By demonstrating an understanding of professional responsibility to the students, they are trying to create individuals who are proficient in Scientific knowledge.

The graphic is a very big institution. Their campus alone is great and they offer all the facilities you could think of. They have hired Ph.D.-level educators who simply thrive to bring out the best in students. Although, all good things come for a price. The annual fees of GEU are significantly higher than the others but the name Graphic Era is a recommendation for the students, anywhere they go.

Average Annual Fees – INR 2.25 lakhs

SAI Group of Institutions

SAI group of colleges can be termed as one of the underdogs yet performing above average each year. It is one of the top science colleges in Uttarakhand. They offer a handful of undergraduate courses in Science. Their courses deliver top-notch academic and practical knowledge of science to their students and advanced theoretical knowledge of the subject of your specialization.

They encompass great infrastructure which is perfect for students to let their minds work freely. Also, all the facilities are available within campus only. SAI is one of the best options you have if you want to study in a high-profile college without worrying about the over-budget fees structure. SAI college is also known for its best placement in Dehradun. The teaching staff of this college is highly educated individuals. SAI encourages its students to discover their interests while working on their interests.

Average Annual Fees – INR 67,000

Quantum School of Technology

Quantum School of Technology is one of the most renowned colleges in Uttarakhand. It is situated in Roorkee. They offer undergraduate science courses in 6 different streams. They focus on developing the research skills of the students. They have maintained a top-quality education system throughout the years. That’s why they are amongst the top science colleges in Uttarakhand.

They have a lavish campus which is also very huge and equipped with all the necessary accommodations like hostel facilities, wifi enables campus, auditoriums, a fully equipped library, canteen, etc. The remarkable student-teacher connection can be seen here as all the students that graduate has only good things to say. The on-campus placement of this college is also pretty neat. Many of their ex-students are working with some of the well-known companies in our country.

Average Annual Fees – INR 64,500

University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

UPES is probably the most recognized and accomplished technical college in Uttarakhand. A large number of students around the country pursue their graduation from UPES. UPES also has science courses in both undergraduate and postgraduate disciplines and they offer many specializations. Their program provides comprehensive science-based solutions to the students. They tend to focus on the scientific research and analysis part of the program.

UPES is lavish. With huge campus and unmatched infrastructure, giant library, 3 world-class auditoriums, 24×7 medical assistance, highly advanced labs, etc. This university also provides career service assistance and has put numerous students in good positions. And they have tie-ups with the giants of the industry to bring highly effective training and internship programs.

Average Total Fees – INR 3,90,500

Himalayan Institute of Technology

While Himalayan Institute of Technology is not a very big name, it still has popped up as one of the efficient and renowned names for science education in the last few years. It is probably because they have very good faculty and they are super affordable that a large number of students are opting for HIT as their educational center. This institute offers Bachelor’s degree in a few Science specializations. Their curriculum focuses on the research and application of science in various fields.

Although, HIT isn’t a big college. They don’t offer special accommodations and their campus isn’t lavish but they do what they are supposed to, that is providing top-notch quality education. They do have well-stocked libraries and effective training programs. Their students are placed in good companies.

Total Annual Fees – INR 85,000

Uttaranchal College of Science and technology

Uttaranchal College of Science and Technology offers dynamic research as well as academic programs. Just like their undergraduate programs in Science. They also offer postgraduate courses but their Bachelor’s degree is the highlight. They offer B.Sc in many specializations. Their programs are revolutionary and they have a team of highly skilled professional faculty members who are working hard to turn the students into very efficient individuals. They have maintained their legacy ever since the inception of this very institute.

The overall environment of this institute promotes self-development and traditional values. Regular classes, punctuality, dress code, and discipline are maintained here. That’s why this college is so popular among the students. They provide quite a lot of facilities within the campus and they have a very good placement cell, always working on putting eligible students to the right companies.

Total Annual Fees – INR 35,000