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MBA vs MCA Detailed Comparison

By admin | Last Updated Jan, 2023

MBA vs MCA Detailed Comparison

MBA vs MCA: Which is Better?

The post-graduate MBA and MCA programmes are intended for people who want to advance in their jobs and look into better positions. Due to the numerous advantages these programmes provide, students all over the country opt to enrol in them.

You might be unsure of the path to take if you intend to complete your post-graduation. Both of these programmes are renowned for producing knowledgeable individuals who are equipped to flourish in the business environment. Which one, though, is best for you? Which master’s degree can help you achieve your professional objectives? We will provide you with answers to all of these queries in this thorough blog.

What is MBA?

A postgraduate degree in management is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is required in order to obtain this degree. People who desire to advance their management skills and land executive job profiles should pursue this degree.

An MBA programme has emerged as the most popular master’s degree worldwide due to the wide range of specialisations and career options it offers. We do advise that you thoroughly examine the advantages of an MBA, specialisations, costs, earning potential, and other factors before making a decision about your future.

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What is MCA?

A Master of Computer Applications program concentrates on creating computer applications using contemporary programming languages, as the name would imply. If you want to learn the necessary skills to work in the rapidly expanding information technology industry, this degree is appropriate for you. You might consider applying to this program if you have a technological background and want to improve your skill set.

MBA vs MCA Highlights

Full formMasters in Business AdministrationMasters of Computer Applications
Duration2 years2 years
FeesINR 3 to 20 LakhsINR 30,000 to 4 Lakhs
EligibilityCandidates for admission must have a valid CAT, MAT, ATMA, CMAT, MH-MBA CET, or XAT score as well as a minimum GPA of 50% (or 45% for those from Maharashtra-dwelling reserved categories). Students who will be graduating in their final year may also apply.Candidates with a minimum GPA of 50% (45% for applicants in the restricted category) from a reputable university and a valid MH-MCA-CET score.
Exam PatternSemester wiseSemester wise
Admission ProcessThe DTE is in charge of entrance. Students may, though, apply for seats at the institution level. Individuals who are directly applying to the institute must submit their transcripts for grades 10 through 12 as well as their diplomas, entrance exam results, and picture identification via email, mail, or in-person.The same procedure will be used to admit MCA students.
Average SalaryINR 4 to 10 LPAINR 3 to 5 LPA

MBA vs MCA Specializations

Each program requires you to select a speciality during the second year. Now, the speciality you choose will lay the groundwork for your career. Therefore, be sure to choose the one that aligns with your hobbies and professional ambitions. According on the college you plan to attend, you may not have access to all of the following specialised options.

MBA Specializations                                                                       MCA Specializations

  • Human Resource Management                                                    Systems Management           
  • Marketing                                                                                       Application Software
  • Operations Management                                                              Software Development
  • Finance                                                                                              Networking
  • Business Analytics                                                                            System Engineering
  • Information Technology                                                             Management Information System
  • Communications                                                                              Hardware technology   

MBA vs MCA: Course Curriculum

It goes without saying that the topics addressed in each course vary due to the significant differences in the nature of each course.

MBA Curriculum

This program’s curriculum focuses on equipping students with business and management knowledge. Consequently, the topics covered consist of:

  • Organizational behaviour
  • Managerial accounting
  • Business research method
  • Economic analysis for business decisions
  • Basics of Marketing
  • Digital Business

MCA Curriculum

The subjects covered in the curriculum are as follows because this programme is aimed at people who want to improve their technical knowledge:

  • Theory of computation
  • Fundamentals of IT
  • Programming in C
  • Linux Programming
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Software testing
  • Computer Graphics
  • Web tech
  • Enterprise computing with JAVA

MBA vs MCA Career Scope

After completing the courses, students have access to a wide range of professional options and employment possibilities. The industries and professional options where graduates can create a successful career are described here.

MBA Career Scope

You can apply for management positions after finishing the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. Planning, carrying out, directing the team, communicating with other organizations, and other duties will be your main tasks as a manager. Some of the sectors where there is a great need for qualified workers in managerial positions include:

  • Consultant firms
  • Retail industry
  • Advertising Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Digital marketing
  • Media engagement
  • Education

MCA Career Scope

Given the variety of employment available in the business, MCA professionals have a wide range of career options. Some of the positions range from entry-level ones like data entry to more specialised ones like web designer and graphic designer. The following are some of the most well-known sectors where MCA professionals can find well-paying employment:

  • Consultancy Firms
  • IT Companies
  • Government sector
  • Telecom companies
  • Private Sector
  • Multinational companies

MBA vs MCA: Technical Skills

You must think about your hobbies and your strongest skills when selecting the ideal course. You won’t be able to effectively finish the course or develop a dependable and prosperous profession unless you follow this advice. The following is a list of some of the technical abilities you need to choose between an MBA and an MCA:

MBA Skill set

  • understanding of business tactics
  • the capacity to perform SWOT analysis
  • aggressive sales, persuasion, and communication methods
  • thorough knowledge of products and targets

MCA skill set

  • strong logical reasoning and flexibility
  • Windows and Linux as operating systems
  • Languages: Core Java and C++
  • Web technologies: HTML and ASP.NET
  • ADO.NET is a data access technology.
  • Databases: MS SQL Server 2000 Foundations, Oracle 
  • Tools: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio,.NET

MBA or MCA which is better after BBA?

With an MCA, students who want to pursue academia and research have many opportunities. MCA positions tend to be more office-based. A strong BCA score will also make MCA entrance simpler. The MBA programme is suitable for those who wish to work in the industry and make money.

The majority of students would preferably love to keep studying the program they had been in for their bachelor’s degree. But given the current profits MBA offers, it is quite challenging to turn a blind eye. Students must decide if their passion for the subject outweighs their desire to make a certain amount of money.

MCA vs MBA Salary Trends

The table below compares the average pay possibilities for the two courses.

FreshersINR 5 to 6 LPAINR 4 to 5 LPA
Mid levelINR 8 to 10 LPAINR 8 to 9 LPA
Top LevelOver INR 12 LPAOver INR 10 LPA


You can use the comparison between the MBA and MCA in this article to decide which program is best for you. The MCA degree is the perfect option for you if you’re more interested in technology and eager to start a career in networking, software, or IT.

However, if you enjoy working with people, have a reputation for being a great leader, want to build a career in the managerial and administrative fields, or perhaps want to start your own business, you should think about getting an MBA.