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Didn’t Crack JEE? Don’t Worry! Get 5 Easy Options for a Bright Future

By admin | Last Updated May, 2023

Get 5 Easy Options for a Bright Future

Didn’t Crack JEE? Don’t Worry! Get 5 Easy Options for a Bright Future

More than 12 lakh students register to take the JEE exam every single year. Students give everything that they have in order to pass the JEE.  It is obvious that not all students will do well on the test. When students experience failure in their lives, they get depressed. As a result, there are still many possibilities available to you because a student’s future cannot be determined by just one examination. You could have even fewer seats to fight for if you were a General candidate without a reservation quota. Therefore, never ever believe anyone who claims that the JEE Main exam is simple. Life is all about admitting failure and continuing on the road to achievement.

So basically, JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is a national exam conducted for candidates who want to enter engineering colleges. JEE is divided into JEE Main and JEE Advanced phases. The exam is held online and computer-based, so students must be familiar with computers. One of the hardest exams in worldwide competition is JEE. Every year, difficulty level and number of students are increasing.

What other options you have if not able to crack JEE ?

 Candidates can go through the options if you fail to clear JEE Main exam given below:

1.    Drop and Sit for Other JEE Main Sessions:

JEE Main is given every year by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The very first session happens in January, while the second one happens in April. Attend the JEE Main 2023 second session if you think your performance on your first attempt was not enough and you can study further and earn an excellent rank. NTA will only utilize the higher of your two JEE Main 2023 scores to establish your ranking. This will give you a second chance to succeed.

2.    Always have a backup plan ready:

There are many other organized engineering entrance tests that you can take. It is usually better to have alternative options. There are numerous more entrance exams that are similar to JEE Main and can help you get into an excellent college and start a career as an engineer. You can take well-known admission examinations like COMEDK, MHT CET, WBJEE, BITSAT, KCET, etc. Additionally, this exam’s syllabus is comparable to the JEE main syllabus, thus you only need to review a few new topics while studying in-depth for the other material when preparing for both entrance tests. 

3.    Go for government exams preparation:

In addition to furthering their education, students who have completed the 12th grade can sit for a recruitment exam to apply for a job with the state or the national government in one of their agencies or departments. Government employment can pay well and offers a luxurious lifestyle with a variety of benefits, including pensions, job security, provident funds, health benefits, travel compensation, etc. The following are a few of the tests taken to be selected by the government after graduating from high school.

  • UPSC
  • SSC(MTS)
  • Indian Navy Recruitment

4.    Go for the NITs:

If you are interested in engineering so IITs are not the only options you can go. Even though IITs may be your goal, if you don’t want to lose a year, you can enter an NIT with a somewhat lower JEE score. These institutions have 17–18k open seats that are filled using JEE scores. So, if your grades are below average, take action and don’t let this wonderful opportunity pass you by. Some of the NIT colleges you might consider are:

  • NIT Rourkela
  • NIT Warangal
  • NIT Durgapur
  • NIT Calicut
  • NIT Surathkal
  • NIT Kurukshetra
  • NIT Allahabad

5.    Apply for other professional degree in related field

Do not give up if you are unable to enroll in the IITs, NITs, or other engineering institutions. You are a PCM student after all, and this is one of the broadest fields. Following JEE Main, these are the top careers you can go after other than engineering:

  • Architecture Research & Instruction
  • Honest hacking
  • Criminal Justice Merchant Navy
  • National Defence Aircraft
  • IT and computer applications
  • Natural Sciences
  • The Humanities & Arts


So, if you don’t get into the IITs, the fact is that you need to decide on a career after the JEE main. If you already know that you want to attend an IIT, give IIT JEE all of your focus. There are several solutions available for you, though, if things don’t work out. Consider creating a Plan B right away using the knowledge in this article to help your career.


1. How many attempts can we give in IIT?

Applicants can appear in the JEE Mains exam for three consecutive years after passing class 12th.

2. Which is the toughest subject in JEE Main?

The exam tests students’ knowledge and aptitude in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. However, mathematics is widely considered the most difficult among these subjects.

3. What is the total fee of IIT?

IIT fees for the complete course range between Rs 8-10 lakh for general category students.

4. What other options are available if student is unable to crack JEE mains?

There are lots of options available such as:
1. Architecture Research & Instruction
2. Honest hacking
3. Criminal Justice Merchant Navy
4. National Defence Aircraft
5. IT and computer applications
6. Natural Sciences
7. The Humanities & Arts

5. Taking a gap year for JEE mains is good?

If you are confident and focused for JEE mains then you should definitely take a gap year but if not then go for other options.