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Best MBA Degrees that Pay well

By admin | Last Updated Jan, 2023

Best MBA Degrees that Pay well

Best MBA Degrees that Pay well

In today’s fiercely competitive world, further education is necessary to get well-paying professions, particularly in the business sector. One such element that has a long-term impact on your life and career is selecting the appropriate MBA specialisation. Individuals who specialise gain specialised knowledge pertaining to their respective careers. Choosing the finest compensated MBA specialisation is a smart move if you’re a business professional hoping to increase your income.

The most often asked issue among students—which MBA specialisation is best paid or which MBA program has the greatest salary—was covered in this post. We also provide information on job development and career opportunities in the key business and leadership areas here.

Which MBA offers the highest Salary?

The MBA in Business Analytics, MBA in Finance, and MBA in Entrepreneurship are three of the highest paying MBA specializations. The annual salary for each of these fields generally vary from 60,00,000 to 90,00,000 INR.

Best Paid MBA Specialization in Abroad

There have been numerous rumours on which MBA having the best pay and opportunities in the future. The specialisation you decide has a significant role in defining your value in the job market, together with your skills and experience. Here are the top 5 MBA specialities in terms of salary:

  • Information Technology
  • Business Analytics
  • Economics
  • Finance Management 
  • Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Investment Management
  • International Business
  • Innovation Management

Now that we are aware of which MBA program pays the most, let’s examine the highest-paying MBA concentration:

Information Technology

The second-highest paying MBA specialty worldwide is information technology. You can administer IT systems and human resource management with the skills you gain with an IT specialisation. With a primary focus on subjects like data security, IT project planning, telecom, etc., it integrates the conventional business expertise of an MBA. A excellent way to stand out in the tech-savvy workplace of today is to get an MBA in information technology.

Job TitleAverage Salary in Rupee
Information Technology ManagerINR 60 LPA
IT Services ManagerINR 60 LPA
Senior IT Business AnalystINR 50 LPA
Solutions architect Senior ManagerINR 75 LPA

Business Analytics

The highest earning MBA concentration at the moment is business analytics. A business analytics MBA focuses on the methodical study of data to arrive at reliable conclusions and choices. The information presented here is derived from statistical sources or commercial activities to assess effectiveness, cost, and outcomes. Choosing to specialise will improve your analytical, technical, and leadership skills.

Job TitleAverage Salary per year
Business Systems AnalystINR 60 LPA
Business StrategistINR 60 LPA
Business ApplicationsINR 80 LPA
Business & Data AnalystINR 80 LPA
Healthcare Business AnalystINR 80 LPA


Economics is the next most earning MBA specialty in terms of remuneration. Evaluating economic concerns for resources, goods, and services is part of economists’ jobs, along with data collection and analysis, trend research, and market analysis. You are given the opportunity to qualify for employment as a professional in fields including business intelligence, operations research, information sciences, microeconomics, and others.

Job TitleAverage salary per year
Policy AnalystINR 80 LPA
Economic Development AnalystINR 55 LPA
Research EconomistINR 80 LPA
Healthcare economist & Trend analysisINR 70 LPA
Economic AnalystINR 60 LPA

Finance Management 

Finance is another well-liked and well-paid MBA specialty. An MBA with a finance concentration can lead to satisfying professions in important economic sectors like insurance, taxation, international finance, asset management, and tax planning, among others. You could work for prominent organisations as financial planners and advisors. Indeed, finance has a significant role in every area of economics, business, and management.

Job TitleAverage Salary Per Year
Finance AnalystINR 40 LPA
Finance Consulting ManagerINR 70 LPA
Leveraged Finance AssociateINR 60 LPA
Financial Management AssociateINR 80 LPA
Finance Integration and SeperationINR 70 LPA


The goal of an MBA in Marketing is to provide business expertise by thoroughly understanding the marketing component. You will develop the ability to carefully analyse consumer habits as you study marketing and develop products that consumers are most likely to desire to buy. This top-paying MBA concentration provides in-depth expertise on how to produce, distribute, and express a specific value to the target market in order to make money.

Job TitleAverage Salary Per Year
Equity Portfolio SpecialistINR 50 LPA
Field Marketing ManagerINR 60 LPA
Business Intelligence ManagerINR 50 LPA
Client success specialistINR 60 LPA
P&L ControllerINR 60 LPA

Data Analytics

Data analytics, which ranks high on the list of the professions with the highest salaries, requires effectively processing data. An MBA in Data Analytics rewards experts with enormous ROI and industrial experience, making it a highly favoured degree for computer science engineering professionals. The primary distinction between the position and business analysis is how information is used.

Job TitleAverage Salary Per Year
Data AnalystINR 80 LPA
Research AnalystINR 60 LPA
Business & Data AnalystINR 70 LPA
Operations Research AnalystINR 80 LPA


One of the highest paying MBA specialisations is this particular one. The MBA in Entrepreneurship places a strong emphasis on creating innovative capabilities for both large and small organisations. The basics of business development, market research, creativity, corporate strategy, etc. are taught to students.

Job TitleAverage Salary Per Year
Management ConsultantINR 55 LPA
Senior Product ManagerINR 80 LPA
Client Success SpecialistINR 60 LPA
Business Intelligence ManagerINR 50 LPA

Investment Management

Because it is a highly sought-after degree with a good return on investment, an MBA in investment management is strongly desirable throughout the globe. Investment managers analyse market dynamics and company investment policy while closely collaborating with clients to construct strategies for their businesses.

Job TitleAverage Salary Per Year
Investment AnalystINR 60 LPA
Senior AccountantINR 60 LPA
Portfolio ManagerINR 60 LPA
Risk ManagerINR 80 LPA
Financial ManagerINR 80 LPA

International Business

International Business is a top-paying MBA specialty. This specialisation emphasises a global perspective on business and teaches students how to communicate and connect with professionals from a variety of cultures. A result of the ongoing increasing globalization is the MBA in International Business.

Job TitleAverage Salary Per Year
Research AnalystINR 60 LPA
Data AnalystINR 80 LPA
Risk ManagerINR 80 LPA
Management AnalystINR 60 LPA
Director of Global BusinessINR 80 LPA

Innovation management

A widely varied degree, the MBA in Innovation Management teaches students to identify a company’s advantages and disadvantages and to develop creative solutions to address them. Students who choose this MBA specialisation must collaborate closely with a variety of sectors of the economy.

Job TitleAverage salary per year
Management ConsultantINR 50 LPA
Senior Product ManagerINR 70 LPA
Senior Business ConsultantINR 70 LPA
Business Intelligence ManagerINR 60 LPA

Top MBA Recruiters

Without taking a look at the top recruiters, a debate on which MBA specialisations are highest compensated abroad would be lacking. The professional options accessible after completing the course are one of the key considerations while selecting the highest paid MBA concentration in the globe.

MBA grads have a vast list of recruiters to choose from. The following are among the best ones:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Nike
  • Deloitte
  • Apple
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Bank of America
  • EY
  • PwC


This was all about selecting the best MBA specialisation, the associated job chances, and the best hiring companies. We hope that this blog can fulfil its goal of illuminating which MBA specialisation is most lucrative abroad. We at Admission Jockey are always available if you need further advice or help to make the process of studying abroad easier.