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Best Career Options after 12th for Girls

By admin | Last Updated Jun, 2023

Best Career Options after 12th for Girls

How to choose best career options after 12th for Girls ?

After completing high school, choosing the correct job path is extremely important, especially for young girls who want to flourish in their chosen sector. Thankfully, the educational environment of today provides a wide range of programs that are designed to accommodate the different abilities and goals of young women.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the top programs accessible to female students once they pass high school, with a particular focus on areas that support women and offer chances for both personal and professional development.  So let’s have a look at this list of courses that can help girls of all ages discover a world of opportunities and build their own special paths to success.

1. Bachelor of Fashion Technology (BFT)

The 4-year undergraduate program known as BFTech, or Bachelor in Fashion Technology, focuses on the different technical facets connected to the textile manufacturing industry. One gains a complete understanding of subjects covered in this course, including management, quality assurance, and the use of artificial intelligence and information technology in the clothing manufacturing industry. In addition to technical factors, the course material also includes visual and design considerations for an improved understanding of manufacturing procedures, material selection, and quality control.

2. Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)

The Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) degree is a three-year undergraduate course curriculum that highlights mass media communication, media journalism, media issues, and media research. The full name of the program is Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication. There are six semesters in the program. Candidates can enhance and grow their abilities in order to collect, communicate, and present information to a big audience after completing the course.

Students have many career options in the area of mass communication. Candidates who complete the BJMC may wish to work for news organizations, publications, radio, television, the internet, etc., and earn a respectable salary.

3. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

A BFA program covers three to four years, with six to eight semesters. It combines education that has both academic and practical. Students must complete studies in context, design, and art as part of the program. Students might be asked by some universities to keep and publish journals of their work. For students who are interested in learning about fine arts, the BFA program offers a variety of advantages. BFA graduates have the option of pursuing a profession in the arts as a writer, artist, or art director in addition to receiving an education and improving their talents. Many students decide on fine arts careers in order to become famous.

4. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)

‘B.Ed.’ stands for ‘bachelor of education. It is a two-year, full-time degree program. A B.Ed. is necessary for anyone who wants to start a career in education or a different field of study. Numerous universities offer this degree as an online learning or correspondence course. There is also a two-year distance and online B.Ed. program. From an innovative context, B.Ed. program provide expert training in both art and science. As a result, after finishing the course, they will be able to properly instruct the student. A B.Ed. is a requirement for anyone who wants to work as an elementary or secondary school teacher.

5. Medical and Paramedical courses

The profession of paramedics commonly referred to as “allied health forces,” offers technical support to specialists. Its career-focused healthcare programs include courses that educate students about work in particular fields. Hospitals, home health care, medical and diagnostic labs, nursing and residential care facilities, dentist and physician offices, ambulatory services, urgent care facilities, clinics, pharmaceutical health insurance, and other healthcare institutions are just a few examples.

The cost of paramedical education ranges from 2.5 to 3 lakhs rupees. Medical careers are not simply restricted to the practice of medicine. Aspirants should be well aware of the rising demand for medical programs outside of MBBS and BDS. After obtaining their medical degrees in India, aspirants are qualified for satisfying employment options and get paid well.

One should be aware of the best Medical Courses in India in 2022 because employment chances in the medical area are always expanding. After completing Medical Courses in India, there are many benefits available to everyone, including high status and recognition for the medical professional as well as financial benefits. Numerous medical programs are available for anyone who chooses to pursue them as a career.

6. Computer Science Engineer

A career as a computer science engineer is centered on the development, implementation, and administration of information systems that combine both software and hardware. A computer scientist is an authority on computation theory and the creation of computational systems. Information technology, software design, electrical and electronics engineering, and other fields are all combined in computer science engineering.

7. Physicist

Strong performance in basic subjects like physics and math is required for a career as a physicist. The majority of the time that physicists at research laboratories spend working on projects is spent trying to identify solutions, researching theoretical ideas, and presenting what they have found. The type of labor differs by industry; for instance, a physicist in the aerospace sector works on technological advancements, whereas a physicist in the biosphere investigates living things and how they function.

One of the finest professional options for girls in India after high school is research, which is seeing an increase in the number of female researchers. The work opportunities for this career can be found in research centers, hospitals, universities, and other places.

8. Technical Writer

For ladies, one of the finest post-12th PCM job opportunities is this. As consumers’ preference for content has progressively risen to the top, technical writing has expanded more than before. Technical writers are authors who focus on a certain subject area and produce material and editorials about it. Typically, it is simple to enter this field. You can start writing for a specialized science publication or produce your own original content for Instagram or YouTube. Product-based businesses, and digital marketing agencies, among others, are employment options for this field.

9. Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Travel   

The majority of the training for a B.Sc. in Hospitality and Travel is focused on managing foods, beverages, lodgings, etc. If female students are looking for the best courses for them to take after their 12th grade in commerce, they should consider this course. Due to the fact that the training provides prospects for employment in the hospitality business and access to services that are an amazing part of any lavish hospitality sector. Students will need to invest between 60,000 to 5 lakhs of rupees for the course, which is the standard course fee in India. Many reputable colleges in India offer this three-year program.

10. Digital Marketing

A study of multiple aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, keyword planning, email marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and Google Analytics, is provided through the course’s design. This certification program is a step in the right direction toward a career in digital marketing. Both the Postgraduate level and the Diploma level of the course are available. You may want to think about doing a certification course in digital marketing in addition to degree programs. There are no specific needs to take this course. After graduating from high school, any female students would be advisable to do that.


It’s important to keep in mind that anyone can pursue these job options depending on their fields of interest and potential. The greatest job path for a girl after the 12th grade ultimately depends on her unique abilities, hobbies, and long-term objectives. We have given you the complete guidance about the best Career Options after 12th for Girls To choose. The best professional route, one must perform a thorough study, seek mentors for advice, and take their own objectives into account.


1. Which career is best for girls?

The careers in which girls can go are
Data Scientist
Fashion Designer
Career Counselor
Interior Designer

3. Which jobs for girls have highest salary?

Best Paying Jobs for Women are
Physicians or doctors
Human resource manager
Software developer
Financial analyst

4. Can girls pursue careers in traditionally male-dominated fields?

Absolutely! Girls can work in professions like engineering, technology, finance, and even the armed services that were previously controlled by men. To create a varied and balanced workforce, it is crucial to challenge traditional gender roles and promote equality.

5. Are there any resources or organizations that provide support and guidance for girls in choosing their careers?

Yes, there are a number of organizations and resources devoted to helping and advising girls as they pursue their careers. Women-focused networking organizations, career counseling centers, mentorship program, and internet platforms all provide girls with helpful information, guidance, and resources to assist them make educated professional decisions.